O9TM Anti Money Laundering Solution is designed to help Banks effectively conduct due diligence and comply with government regulations.

JITS's AML solution delivers high-performance in monitoring, visualization, analysis and resolution for better decision and for faster filing of regulatory reporting. We programed an investigation tools, which enables to monitor customer transactions to identify risk with priority in Alert based workflow engine.

It also uses rule-based surveillance engine that monitors current transactional data, non-transactional data and historical data for suspicious trading patterns. This proven end-to-end transaction monitoring solution helps financial institutions to file Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR) to the regulatory bodies.

JITS TM Core Microfinance Solution helps faster loan processing with increased Business Penetration.

Integration with Insurance Company Solution is carried out to update the customers in the life insurance policy under which the customer's life is to be covered before disbursement of loan and also to extend the coverage/renew the cases for cases which are for more than one-year duration. The concepts of Straight Through Processing (STP), Unique Customer Identification File (CIF) and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) are deeply ingrained in the solution which help achieve desired flexibility and scalability to support operational growth.

The Microfinance Solution has been integrated with Credit Bureau Rating Solution for quick processing to get their rating helping to take right decision to consider that target customer based on the number of companies from where the existing loans are taken by the target customer etc.

Key Feature

Fast filling regulatory reportingFeature
Proactive monitoring end-to-end transactionFeature
Database managementFeature
FeatureAutomation process
FeatureAML search engine
FeatureWatch list management


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  • Simplified and Seamless Integration
  • Robust Data Analysis
  • Up-To-Date Customer Information
  • Helps Meet Regulatory Requirements
  • Streamlines Compliance Operations
  • Improves Risk Protection
  • User-Friendly System Reduces Manpower Costs
  • Improved Efficiency and Faster Processing of Cases

Overview of Neptune Anti Money Laundering Solution


Key Challenges

Major financial organizations face a complex set of challenges when enforcing compliance operations across geographic and line-of-business divisions.